• Vintage Typewriter Clock Block


    We've given a photo of my dad's late-60's cheery turquoise typewriter our glittery spin; perfect for the modern writer who enjoys the charms of the past. The Smith-Corona Corsair Deluxe Skyriter was a popular portable model made in England; billed by the company as "precision in miniature". 

    Clock face is 4" X 4" and approx. 1.75" in depth.

    Can stand freely on a table, desk or shelf. Hangs flush on a wall with a simple nail.

    Glossy image face is embellished with clear Swarovski crystals at hour intervals. Base is a made-in-Canada solid wood panel. Sides are sealed silver glitter and recessed back is plain black.

    Quality quartz clock movements are made in USA, and include hour, minute and second hands in brass for contrast and visibility . AA battery included, because we're nice.

    Hands may vary slightly from photo according to availability.