• CUSTOM Tree Topper


    Top your holiday tree with a star - a music or tv star, a character or celeb, or your own furry (or not) friends! These handmade tree toppers offer a unique, personal alternative to the usual Christmas motifs. 

    A glittery cone holds a glossy and sparkling star-shaped image of your choice... but we'll help you pick if you need guidance. 

    Cone support sits easily on real and artificial trees, and is glittered in a colour to match the image design. Silver is the standard cone colour, but others are available upon request. Star is sealed silver glitter on back. (Nope, these don't drop glitter everywhere like many mass-produced holiday decor items. We use the best quality glitter on the market, and seal it to stay beautiful for years to come.)

    Pop culture subjects are $45, personal images (like your pets or kids) are an extra $10. Please select in Options for correct billing and to avoid delays.

    For best results, choose graphic, high-contrast images. We will edit for clarity, and will alert you if your image is unsuitable.

    E-mail to info@bbj.ca your JPEG, PNG, PDF or PSD image file. You can also send a link for pop culture subjects.

    Images must be uncropped, of good quality, and greater than 100K in size (bigger is usually better). 

    Please allow up to 1 week for production before shipping.

    Height is 11", star is 5" wide. Lightweight.

    PS. Pictured above are previously-ordered custom tree toppers; Bruce Springsteen, Pee Wee, Pikachu & Jigglypuff Pokemon, RuPaul and Princess Di are still available at regular tree topper price. Inquire by email, or order any of our tree toppers and note clearly during checkout.