• Custom Pet Memorial Prayer Candle


    We know how devastating the loss of a pet can be, and it can be almost as hard to see your loved ones grieve the passing of their animal companions. 

    We designed these custom pet memorial candles to allow for simple customization to reflect the uniqueness of a pet and their relationships. Whether you order for yourself in memory of your beloved pet, or as a gift for someone else, we will use your photo and words to create a sweet tribute in ink, glass, glitter and wax. 

    There are 3 options for format, as seen in samples above: 

    • your custom text*

    • standard "Best friends live forever in the memories we keep" text

    * repeated photo, with names and dates as they appear on front

    You will be prompted to choose your back view in Variations during ordering.

    We can choose a tasteful color gradient for you based on the photo – select "designers' choice" –, or you can choose the primary color in Variations and we will base it on that. Generally we would select something a bit muted, but if you wish the color to be bright and vibrant, just let us know.

    Text styles are generally script (like Scarlett sample), block (like Bones sample) or skinny sans serif (like Athena sample). 

    When ordering, please indicate in Notes to Seller or convo with order number:

    • pet name

    • year of birth and death (optional)

    • preferred text style, as described above

    (sorry, we only get 2 Variations per listing) 

    Unscented white wax candle in glass open-necked holder is coated with our special translucent glitter technique, which adds dimension and subtle sparkle even when candle is not lit. Image overlay is fade, scratch and water resistant. Candle will burn for 100 hours minimum (longer if not consecutive hours), but of course you'd never leave a burning candle unattended. 

    8" tall, 2.5" diameter