• Bohemian Twins Victorian Oval Pendant


    Conjoined sisters Rosa and Josepha Blažek were born in Skrejšov, Bohemia in 1878. They were joined at the posterior, and shared vertabrae, which prevented the possibility of separation. They were enthusiastic performers and became skilled musicians and singers. Their story includes lurid publicity, a pregnancy and a son for Rosa, and a mysterious and suspect brother who appeared when the twins fell ill.

    Our Victorian Curiosities collection features other sideshow performers and unusual images taken from Victorian cabinet cards. 

    These pendants feature a sepia-toned photo image under a slightly-domed glass oval, and are finished on the back with smooth glittery silver resin.  A sterling silver plated bail and a non-tarnishing delicate rhodium-plated chain complete the piece. 

    Pendant is just over 1.25" long, including bail.  

    Chain is 24" long.

    Bail opening is 2mm; able to accommodate other chain styles if you have a special one you prefer.